Alamance Battleground


Follow a battle that was a preview of the American Revolution

In the mid-1760s, a group of colonists disgruntled with British rule decided to revolt and overthrow the government. This wasn’t Washington and Jefferson — it was a group called the “Regulators.” And unlike their counterparts a few years later, these patriots were defeated in battle and several were hanged as traitors. However, their tactics would become a model for the American Revolution. Today, visitors can tour the site of this pre-Revolutionary War battle at the Alamance Battleground Historic Site in Burlington, see a home that is characteristic of that era, learn about what led to the conflict and witness historic reenactments during the 18th Century Living Experience weekend as well as other special events. A visitor center is located on the very same grounds where Royal Governor William Tryon led the North Carolina militia against the Regulators in battle on May 16, 1771. The center also features an audiovisual program about the site.

Alamance Battleground Historic Site

Alamance Battleground, North Carolina 62, Burlington, NC

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