Andy Griffith Museum


Visit the only museum dedicated to Andy Griffith

Nowhere else will you find a larger collection of Andy Griffith memorabilia than at the Andy Griffith Museum in his hometown of Mount Airy. Located just a half-mile from Griffith’s boyhood home, the museum features hundreds of items from his life and career including actual props from The Andy Griffith Show — including his iconic “Sheriff” sign and jail keys — and Matlock. Emmett Forest was a childhood friend of Griffith and is responsible for piecing together the collection from donations, eBay, antique stores and even gifts from Griffith, himself. Visitors from all 50 states and more than 47 countries have visited the small town to admire the historical photos, items and memories of Andy Griffith.

Andy Griffith Museum

Andy Griffith Museum, Rockford Street, Mount Airy, NC

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