Bechtler Mint Site


Visit the site that minted the first U.S. Gold Dollar

Discover rich history in Rutherfordton, near Lake Lure, as you venture into the Bechtler Mint Site Historic Park. Stand in the original location of the Bechtler mint and mine shaft which minted the country’s first $1 gold coin. From 1831 to 1840, the mint coined more than $2.2 million worth of gold, one coin at a time with a hand-turned screw press. Now, coins made by Christopher Bechtler in good condition sell from about $1,000 for a $1 piece to $4,000 for a $5 piece. All of the Bechtler coins ever made would be worth about $2.2 billion today. The gated tunnel of the mint site is more than 100 feet long and still shows signs of pick marks along the rocky walls. The exciting journey to the mine, mint and family home is a piece of history that’s waiting for you to explore.

Bechtler Mint Site Historic Park

Bechtler Mint Site Historic Park, Gilboa Church Road, Rutherfordton, NC

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