Britt’s Donuts


Chow down on some of America’s best donuts

There are no sprinkles and no fluff at Carolina Beach Boardwalk staple Britt’s Donuts. Barefoot beachgoers have been lining up to get a no-frills, Britt’s glazed donut delicacy since 1939. The current owner, Bobby Nivens, was a longtime employee who served under the Britt family before buying the business in 1974. The ownership may have changed hands, but the top-secret donut-making process stayed the same (they say the secret is in the glaze). If you’re looking for a Britt’s donut, the family-run business is only open during the summer months. Lines can stretch down the boardwalk, but a five-star Yelp review confirms the donuts are worth the wait.

Britts Donuts

Britts Donuts, Carolina Beach, NC

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