Have a glass of wine in jail

North Carolina’s wine industry is known for its boutique operations that are so friendly that visitors get to know the story behind the wine, but none of the state’s about 200 wineries are smaller or have a more interesting story than Calaboose Cellars in Andrews. In the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina, there’s a small vineyard with grapes growing around an old stone building with bars on the windows. This 300-square-foot building people say used to be used to lock up the hooligans is now where Calaboose Cellars incarcerates its wines. Calaboose is the smallest free-standing, complete winery in America with its production and tasting room all in the old jail. Calaboose wines range from dry to sweet and include country-style fruit wines and even dessert wines. Following its “grapes doin’ time” theme, several of the vintage’s names relate to the prison theme including Revinoor’s Red and Up-The-River Strawberry Rhubarb. Calaboose Cellars is a part of the Cherokee Wine Mini-Trail itinerary for wine fans visiting the North Carolina Smokies.

Calaboose Cellars

565 Aquone Rd, Andrews, NC

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