Explore the only coastal national forest in the eastern United States

Visitors who want to see the inner workings of a coastal forest can get an unmatched experience at the Brice’s Creek Saltwater Trail in the Croatan National Forest. Located in Craven County, Croatan National Forest is the only true coastal national forest in the eastern United States. One of many North Carolina scenic coastal trails, Brice’s Creek is the nation’s only saltwater-based trail through a national forest. The saltwater trail is nearly 100 miles long starting near New Bern and nearly travels around the entire national forest allowing for excellent viewing of its wildlife and plant life including the indigenous venus flytrap and pitcherplant. Brice’s Creek Trail features hundreds of secluded spots that make it an excellent place for kayaking, fishing, bird watching and camping. For those who are less adventurous, many of the trail’s highlights can be accessed by car. A brochure on the trail is available at the Croatan District Office. A popular spot for visitors to the North Carolina coast, the Croatan National Forest has several miles of hiking and walking trails and is known for its pine forest, saltwater estuaries, bogs and pocosins, which are swamps that are slightly elevated. The area features a diversity of wildlife including black bears, turkeys, wading birds, ospreys and alligators.

Croatan National Forest

Croatan National Forest, Havelock, NC

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