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Learn about Daniel Boone’s North Carolina roots

Daniel Boone, who is generally associated with the West, actually spent a significant number of years in North Carolina. Today, Boone’s story is a mixture of fact and fiction thanks to movies, television and even gossip while he was still alive. His parents, Squire and Sarah Boone, moved from Pennsylvania to Davie County. There, Boone married his wife, Rebecca, when they were just 22 and 17. The couple later moved up the Yadkin River to Wilkes County before Boone continued to write his legendary life story as a frontiersman in the development of Virginia, Kentucky and the Trans-Appalachian West. A trip along the Daniel Boone Heritage Trail will take you on a journey in the footsteps of America’s pioneer hero, traveling the lands he explored and experiencing the life he lived along the way. The trail also visits Joppa Cemetery in Mocksville, one of the oldest and most historic graveyards in Davie County, where the graves of Squire and Sarah Boone as well as Israel, one of Boone’s brothers, stand to this day.

Wilkes County, North Carolina

Wilkes County, NC

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