Mount Mitchell


Stand apart on Eastern America’s highest point

Visitors can experience many of the plants and animals of Canada while standing in the southern Appalachians at Mount Mitchell State Park in Yancey County. Standing at 6,684 feet, the summit is the highest point in the eastern United States and one of the must-do mountain adventures in North Carolina. The 1,946-acre park offers breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, rolling ridges and fertile valleys. The park protects the most extensive assortment of rare plant and animal species in North Carolina’s state parks system. Mount Mitchell is part of the Black Mountains, which formed more than a billion years ago. Forested and forever misty, the climate is more like that of Canada than North Carolina. Visitors should always prepare for cold weather when visiting Mount Mitchell State Park – even in the heart of summer. The state park offers camping, hiking, an exhibit center and a host of other activities. Rangers hold regularly scheduled educational and interpretive programs.

Mount Mitchell State Park

Mount Mitchell State Park, North Carolina 128, Burnsville, NC

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