Biltmore Industries Homespun Museum


Trace the legacy of Biltmore Industries at the Homespun Museum

On the grounds of Grovewood Village in Asheville is a historical time capsule for Biltmore Industries, which was once an industrial school to train men and women in crafts such as woodworking and hand weaving. George and Edith Vanderbilt – who were strong supporters of mountain arts and crafts – helped support and subsidize the program, which gained worldwide recognition for its hand-loomed fabrics. On display at the Biltmore Industries Homespun Museum are letters, artifacts and photographs that highlighted the industry, plus an antique four-harness loom – one of more than 40 that were in steady operation during the school’s heyday.

Biltmore Industries Homespun Museum

111 Grovewood Rd, Asheville, NC 28804

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