North Carolina Homespun Museum


Trace the legacy of Biltmore Industries at the N.C. Homespun Museum

On the grounds of Grovewood Galleries is a historical time capsule for Biltmore Industries, what was once an industrial school to train men and women that lived in Biltmore Village in Asheville. Many crafts were taught, but woodworking and hand weaving proved the most popular. George and Edith Vanderbilt, who were strong supporters of mountain arts and crafts, created the North Carolina Homespun Museum. Along with letters, artifacts and photographs that highlighted the industry, an antique four-harness loom is on display — one of more than 40 that were in steady operation during the school’s heyday. Biltmore Industries gained worldwide recognition for its hand-loomed fabrics.

N.C. Homespun Museum

111 Grovewood Rd, Asheville, NC 28804

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