Pettigrew State Park


Examine dugout canoes as old as the pyramids

Look back 10,000 years in history when you explore Lake Phelps and Pettigrew State Park in the coastal town of Creswell. Archaeologists have uncovered thousands of relics that show Native Americans were present in the area as early as 8000 B.C. At least 30 dugout canoes were found sunken at the bottom of the lake. The oldest is thought to be about 4,400 years old. Another is 36 feet in length — the longest known Native American dugout canoe in the southeastern United States. A third canoe found is the second oldest in the nation, dating back to 2400 B.C. Visit the park’s information center to see two canoes on display before hitting the trails for an easy hike or bike by the lake and through the forest.

Pettigrew State Park

2252 Lake Shore Rd, Creswell, NC 27928

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