Pink Lady


Spend a night in the Pink Lady's room, if you dare

Guests checking in to Room 545 at the historic Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville often find they are not alone. The century-old mountain resort hasn’t overbooked them, they happen to be sharing the room with a guest who has been around, in spirit at least, since the 1920s. She’s known as the Pink Lady and she is a friendly ghost who seems to be fond of children. Legend has it she was a guest who fell, or was pushed, to her death from the fifth floor of the historic section of the property, which has an open atrium in the center of each floor. The Omni Grove Park Inn offers history tours of the property that mention the Pink Lady. The resort also hosts an event for Halloween weekend and many staff members will share tales with visitors who are curious about her. Spending time with the Pink Lady is the perfect overnight stay for visitors who want to have some frightful fun during the Halloween season in North Carolina. The spirit appears in a flowing, pink gown and has made her presence known to hundreds of guests and employees during the years. She’s a mischievous ghost, often turning off lights, closing doors and generally watching over the happenings at the hotel.

The Omni Grove Park Inn

The Omni Grove Park Inn, Macon Avenue, Asheville, NC

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