Shadow of the Bear


See the world's rarest bear and scenery that is even more unique

With four national forests, three mountain ranges, 252 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway, nearly 100 miles of the Appalachian Trail and more than half of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina’s mountain scenery is as endless as it is inspirational. From unusual sights to Eastern America’s highest peaks and deepest gorges, the state offers many amazing views. Shadow of the Bear is one of the most unusual mountain vistas anywhere. It only appears for two weeks in late October in a space near the town of Cashiers in Jackson County. Visitors should be aware that the best place to see the Shadow of the Bear is on a busy highway that cannot accommodate a large amount of viewers. The bear also appears in mid-February but only for a brief time. Don’t worry if you miss it, because it is just one of thousands of scenic overlooks that await along the roads less traveled in North Carolina.

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