Town Creek


Visit an archaeological research site that's been active for 50 years

Town Creek Indian Mound near Mount Gilead in Montgomery County offers a unique learning experience for visitors to North Carolina’s Piedmont who are interested in the state’s cultural heritage and early Native Americans. What makes Town Creek, the state’s oldest historic site, unique is that it has been the focus of a consistent program of archaeological research under one director for more than half a century. The consistency has led to a tremendous understanding and interpretation of the past of Town Creek and its occupants for visitors and scholars alike. The site has several areas for visitors, including a re-constructed ceremonial center, temple and burial house as well as a visitor center with interpretive displays and exhibits. Town Creek also has several events to highlight the people who lived here and the efforts to learn about them. Admission to Town Creek Indian Mound is free. Group tours are available with advance scheduling and include hands-on activities at the site.

Town Creek, North Carolina

Town Creek, NC

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