Take part in the Underwater Bike Race

North Carolina is home to many strange races and wacky activities, but the most unique may be the annual Underwater Bike Race on the Crystal Coast. Every year on the 4th of July, divers race bicycles along the starboard side of the USS Indra, which was sunk in 1992 as an artificial reef. Discovery Diving hosts the event and takes divers out to the site about 12 miles from Beaufort Inlet. The event includes a bike-decorating bonanza and features prizes for the best dressed bike and rider. Contestants swim, pedal, push or drag their way to the finish line while spectators view the action from charter boats or in the water. The only rules are that no motor power is allowed and there can only be one rider per bike. Discovery Diving offers transportation to and from the Indra, but private vessels are also welcome to participate. They also offer a limited selection of bikes but encourage contestants to bring their own. The event is held as a benefit for children’s cancer research. It includes a potluck celebration at Discovery Diving after the race.

Beaufort Inlet

Beaufort Inlet, Beaufort, NC

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