Coastal Colonial Courthouse


Visit a coastal Colonial courthouse that’s still in use

In 1712, the Colonial Assembly passed an act to build a courthouse for assemblies and establish the town of Edenton on the North Carolina coast as a chief political, cultural and commercial center. The first courthouse was built in 1718, but its structure began to fail several years later. The second Chowan County Courthouse was funded by a group of commissioners including Joseph Hewes, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and was completed in 1767. It remains the oldest government building in continuous use in North Carolina. Its structure is considered to be one of the first Georgian-style public buildings, and its architectural design became a symbol of strength and justice. You can tour the Courthouse during the week or see it as part of a Historic Edenton tour along with the Cupola House, Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church and the Iredell House.

Chowan County Courthouse

117 East King Street, Edenton, NC

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