Wheels Through Time


Listen to the roar of the world’s rarest motorcycle

Having the world’s best collection of rare and vintage American motorcycles makes the Wheels Through Time Museum special — but cranking them up and taking them for a spin makes this Maggie Valley attraction truly unique. Most of the vintage machines on display at the “Museum That Runs” are driven regularly. Exhibits include the oldest running Indian motorcycle (1903) and a 1916 Traub, which is a one-of-a-kind vehicle found behind a false wall and often called the world’s rarest motorcycle. While its motorcycle collection is unmatched, the museum also features automobiles, police bikes and other machines that educate future generations on American motorcycle history. Wheels Through Time is located near the heart of the Blue Ridge Parkway and is a must-see mountain attraction.

Wheels Through Time Museum

Wheels Through Time Museum, Vintage Lane, Maggie Valley, NC

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